Imogen Perkin artist at the Aubrey Art Gallery

The Aubrey Art Gallery

Imogen Perkin

Imogen Perkin - Imogen makes paintings of a contemporary world, her work referencing a tradition of depicting people living and working in the town and its suburbs.
She is compelled by the massive structures of architecture and machinery around us, and the way man relates to them. Figures can be part of the scene rather than the focus of it. They are sometimes vulnerable. They are not all winners and can be purposefully insignificant. There is the feeling that in painting the humdrum or down at heel it transcends into something more significant.
Specific themes and places recur in Imogen's work - fountains, allotments, building sites. Stations in particular are places of transition, alluding to the life long journey and the destination that is always just out of sight. Nightscapes transform familiar places, throwing ordinary settings into strange new colours to heighten the impact of our responses.